USA Mac Compatible Poker Sites

Finding a US approved poker site is one thing – trying to find a US poker room compatible for Mac poker players is another. If you play poker using a Mac OS you will have eventually realized that most poker sites aren’t 100% compatible for your Mac and may have had to use a dual boot in order to operate the software on your system. This page will help you avoid that problem. Below you’ll find the leading Mac compatible poker sites for US players. The poker sites you see below offer their own software platform specifically designed to operate on a Mac OS and because they accept US players, you’ll have no problems whatsoever when it comes to funding your account. Each of the four rooms are 100% secure, have been in the industry for more than five years and provide great support and top level promotions. You’ll be able to play poker on your Mac and in some cases, may be able to download a fully supported Mac poker client.

Mac Poker Sites Accepting US Players

Mac Poker for US Players

If you own a Mac OS and tried to play poker online you will have definitely experienced the lack of options out there for you. Not all poker sites provide a software package for the Mac user. Even more troubling is the Mac player who’s tried to play poker from the US. Not all poker sites are open to US players. It’s almost like a double whammy – the few options you did have are now fewer and further between. The leading poker sites seen this and adapted to the needs for the Mac player. Sites like Pokerstars (the largest poker room with the highest stakes online) and Ignition revamped their software to ensure that US Mac poker players had no problems finding a reputable poker room to play poker on their iMacs or Mac Book Pros and because of this, others have been quick to follow.

Of course your system needs to meet the minimum requirements outlined by the US poker rooms, however this generally isn’t a problem for most players. In fact - if you’ve bought your Mac OS within the last 2 – 4 years, you shouldn’t have any problems. Most poker rooms require Mac poker players to have a Mac OS 10.3.9 or later in order to operate their software.

Benefits of Playing on a US Mac Poker Site

By choosing a US approved Mac poker site you’ll be able to avoid all the hoops other players go through to play poker online. This of course includes not having to use a virtual PC or dual boot just to play poker. The virtual PC gave Mac poker players the option to operate windows programs on a Mac OS. The problem was the amount of RAM this used and the lack of performance the players experienced. By choosing to play on a US Mac poker site, players experience the same performance a Windows user would without actually having to use a VPC.