US Poker Sites Accepting Visa Deposits

Poker sites accepting Visa deposits from a US player is a rare commodity these days. When you do find a reputable US poker room and attempt to make a deposit using your Visa, often times your bank will block the transaction. This isn’t the fault of the poker room but the regulations put in place by the UIGEA that has forced some banks to deny gambling transactions.

That’s not to say that all poker sites decline deposits made by a US Visa card. There are some sites where you’re likely to have more success than others. BetOnline is one of the few US poker sites accepting Visa deposits and has absolutely no problems with processing the payments. Other poker rooms like Lock Poker and Ignition also accept Visa credit cards, as does Cake and Intertops.

Below you will find all the information you need to know on how to deposit to a US poker room with a Visa credit card. We’ve provided mini-reviews for each Visa poker room as well as links to full reviews. All new players that deposit using their Visa will receive the bonuses stipulated below in addition to VIP rewards. The minimum deposit at any of the US Visa poker sites you see below is $50.

Poker Sites Accepting Visa Deposits

Most Common Questions

Here are some answers to the most common questions we receive about using Visa to fund online poker accounts.

How much can I deposit online?

That depends on the poker site. Based on my experience some sites will limit how much players can deposit overall per day, week, month, etc without any regard to the method. Other sites, however, will place specific limits for each method. In the case of your Visa, you very well may find a site that lets you deposit $500 or even $1,000 per day / deposit.

That said, limits aren’t set in stone. Many poker sites, casinos and sportsbooks are willing to accommodate regular (and high roller) customers. If that’s you, just contact support to see if they can accommodate your request.

Is using Visa safe?

As safe as any other banking method. Keep in mind that safety and security go out the window when you choose to play at sketchy poker sites, or make deposits in public when someone can look over your shoulder and steal your information.

There’s a good chance your Visa has security protection, too, where you can get some or all of your money back if your card details are stolen. Often times your bank can also detect when something might be wrong and put a hold on your account to prevent further theft.

Will I get in trouble with my bank?

It’s possible. On our primary deposit page I mention a couple of cases where players have had their accounts closed or put on hold. They weren’t just players in the US either, but also players from the UK.

If you don’t want to risk having your account closed, I recommend opening a secondary ‘junk’ bank account, or using a different banking method such as money transfers. That way you leave absolute no footprints for your bank to follow.

Can I use Visa prepaid cards? What about gift cards?

Sometimes. There are poker sites that accept prepaid and gift cards, so long as they have a Visa logo. This can also help to leave your bank out of the loop, as you can buy gift / prepaid cards from anywhere, such as your grocery, convenience or department store. You can also buy them online.

Visa Company Background

Here are some details behind Visa, the company.

They started their company in 1958, but at that time they were known as BankAmericard. They changed their name to Visa in 1976.

Visa was one of the first companies to introduce the idea of revolving credit. However, new ideas come with new frustrations and problems. In this case it wasn’t being prepaid to deal with late payments and fraud. They later got the idea to work, though, extending their reach beyond North American in 1970.

They went public with their company in 2008, selling 406 million shares at $44/shaer. The company managed to raise $17.9 billion dollars, setting the record then for the largest IPO in US history.

Today Visa operates out of California. They’re focus is on issuing debit, credit and prepaid cards to banks, credit unions and other financial institutions.

5 Fun Facts about Visa (and Credit Cards in General)

Here are some interesting facts about Visa.

1. There are more than 500 million Visa credit cards issued in America. They are the US’ leading payment brand, which might explain why they’re the #1 accepted card brand at online poker sites.

2. In 2006 more than $55 billion was generated in credit card fees and more than $90 billion in finance charges. I highly recommend that you pay your credit card bill on time, at least when it comes to funding your poker account, so that the only money you lose is at the tables.

3. The Visa logo represents the sky (the blue circle) and the California hills (the yellow circle).

4. Credit card minimum payments are low so that a higher credit limit can be given to a consumer. By allowing them to pay 2% they can have a limit of $5,000, whereas if they were forced to pay 5% they could only have a limit of $2,000. A higher limit gives them the opportunity to spend more, ultimately paying more, longer to the credit card companies.

5. You are not held liable for unauthorized charges made on your card over the amount of $50.