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If you think finding a poker room that accepts US players is tedious, try being a sports fan and looking for a sportsbook that accepts US players. When the UIGEA was signed in 2006, the US betting market quickly deteriorated for American players. Some of the best US sportsbooks closed their doors while others remained and since other a handful of new sportsbooks for US players have emerged.

This page is intended to give our players two things. First is the ability to find the best legitimate US sportsbooks on the market and find a sportsbook that will accept your deposits. Below you'll find the top three online sportsbooks that accept US players and US bets. Our list is based on the overall experience our players have had with these sportsbooks as well ours.

SportsBooks Accepting US Players

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Accepts US Players
50% Free Bet up to $250 Bovada
Accepts US Players
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Accepts US Players
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Best SportsBooks Accepts US Deposits

All of the US sportsbooks you see listed on this page accept US deposits. This means you will be able to fund your player account using a major credit like American Express, Visa, and MasterCard or in some cases a Diner’s Club Card. You will also be able to withdraw your funds without having to jump through hoops to get your money.  All three of our US Sportsbooks are 100% safe, licensed/regulated, and have a strong financial standing. If you're interested in casinos, have a look at

Bovada Poker Credit Cards

Bovada has been providing US sports bettors with live odds and accepting US bets since 1995. The company is one of the most recognized and trusted US sportsbooks online. They are known for accepting bets on the most unusual things such as American Idol while at the same time supporting the MMA, NHL, NFL and more. If you have trouble depositing at other US sportsbooks with your credit card you may want to give Bovada a try as they accept a few additional methods the other two sportsbooks don’t. As a side bonus, new depositing players will receive 50% free bet up to the max bonus of $250. .

Bet Online Poker

BETONLINE.COM is is one of the top US sportsbooks. The brand includes an online casino and poker room in addition to the sportsbook and accepts US bets on all three rooms within the same player account. accepts bets on all major events including pool, cricket, football, hockey and more. To assist their players they offer a live odds feed which runs 24/7 along with all the major betting tools you could need to make your decisions and multi-sport parlay cards for the avid bettor. If you enjoy fantasy sports pools you will definitely want to give a try. New bettors will receive a 25% bonus on all deposits and if you find a competitor offering a better bonus, contact BetOnline and they will match the offer - guaranteed! All US credit cards are accepted. USA Player Deposit Options

Visa, Mastercard, eChecks / Instant Checks, Western Union, Moneygram, Money Orders, Bank Wires and checks Leading US SportsBook Online

SPORTSBETTING.AG is another excellent choice for US players that want to bet at a reputable and legitimate sportsbook. The sportsbook supports multiple tools include a game betting schedule, live odds feeds, and up to the minute statistics on teams. US bettors will have zero problems depositing to SportsBetting using their credit cards. This sportsbook has the highest success rate for all credit card transactions in the industry and provides toll free phone support for those who need assistance. New bettors will also receive a 10% cash bonus on their first deposit, plus there’s also an online casino and poker room available within the same account.

Sportsbetting USA Deposit Options

Visa, MasterCard, eChecks, Money Transfers and Wire Transfers

Sportsbetting adds another layer of excitement to watching sports. Not only are you vested emotionally when your favorite team or player is playing, but with money riding on the different outcomes of the game you feel every fumble, touchdown and penalty.

Unfortunately, sportsbetting online in the US can be just as difficult as online poker. You have to be careful in what books you sign up with so you avoid being scammed. You may also find it difficult to deposit and withdrawal your money due to the legalities of online gambling and the laws for banks on processing payments to such sites.

Barring that, sportsbetting online is just as much fun online as it is live. You get the added benefit of being able to sign up to multiple books so that you can take advantage of multiple deals and the best odds.

Below you’ll find our recommendations for the best books to sign up to. It’s recommended that you sign up to at least two so that you’re getting the best price on the games you bet on. Further down the page you’ll find advice on 8 questions from 3 sportsbetting pros. If you have any questions on how to start or improve, that section will help you out.

Have Questions? Here is Advice From 3 Sportsbetting Pros

We receive a lot of questions about sportsbetting. Since we’re fortunate enough to be connected with bettors that make a living or supplement their living with betting online, we thought it’d be helpful to you to get their advice on some common questions.

Our 3 pros are Prop, Gooner and Fasteady.

1. What is the best sportsbook for US bettors? Why?

Prop: This is subjective. It depends on the sports you’re betting on and other preferences. However, has by far the best value. Do not take a bonus and stay on reduced juice. Read this article [1] to see why by understanding the comparisons. There are so many more reasons, but the biggest is they do not rip players off with the odds. 4 team parlay at Topbet pays 10/1 at 5Dimes 12.8 to 1. Same with teasers. Look at future bets for long shots on golf, tennis or season long bets. 5Dimes wins the money fair without cutting odds to take advantage of players that don't know any better the same way Bovada does (dual lines), BetOnline does (short pays) and even Bookmaker (really bad future odds) etc.

Gooner: Recreational = Bovada - Larger Bets =

Fasteady: 5 Dimes (reduced juice). They have the best odds more consistently on more sports than BetOnline or the others. Their limits aren’t as good as say BetOnline, but they are solid on all sports with their prices.

2. What is the biggest danger US sports bettors face? How can they avoid it, now or in the future?

Gooner: Sports betting online is not legal in the United States, so operators set up offshore in remote locations. Editors Note: This makes it harder for customers to seek recourse in the event that the book steals from you.

And as with all things on the internet, it's hard for the typical bettor to tell a good, solid operation from a shaky operation.

You can avoid the obvious pitfalls and mistakes be doing research - or checking a reliable gambling portal. [2]

3. What is the best deposit option for US bettors? What is the second best?

Prop: When possible money order is best (5Dimes, BetOnline, Heritage, accept these). The fees are more reasonable for the books to cover, it’s easy and lowers the risks of getting banned by Western Union and Money Gram. Books like it because it’s cash with no risk for them regarding chargebacks etc. Some even offer incentives to use them; for example, 5Dimes has higher withdrawal limits and lower fees for people who deposit with this method.

The rest of the methods are traceable and this isn't good with the way the US views sports betting. But when using them:

MoneyGram and Western Union are also good options. Books prefer this for the same reason of no chargeback risk on their end. There is incentives for using this method at most books and they pick up the fees.

Credit / debit some people like I personally don't. These are all associated with banks. No one but banks see yourChexSystems reports. Banks communicating with each other on "known internet gambler" I don't see this as too far fetched. Incentives are rarely offered for credit cards. Sometimes books have bonuses that exclude this method and some charge fees for using it. Bovada is 4.9% and BetOnline 6% last I knew.

Gooner: Anything that works - money order, credit card?

Failing that, leave the US and move to the free world where there is greater choice and better options ;)

Fasteady: Western Union and Visa. Although you yankee folk have found a new savior apparently in bitcoins. [3] I bet that ends in tears.

4. If I were brand new to sports betting, where would you suggest I start? What sports should I bet on, books I should read, forums I should follow?

Prop: To start read the 2+2 Sports Betting FAQ [4] in full (don't skim). This will get you orientated. Also read the books suggested in the FAQ, Conquering Risk, Weighing the Odds, and Sharp Sports Betting. Doing that will get you off to the right start only (but this is way ahead of most who are starting out clueless and reading garbage from sites like pregame and covers). Beyond this there is no real guides that teach all the ins and outs of sports betting. This is a market and there is no incentive to teaching others. Being a good sports bettor is a license to print money for as long as an edge is maintained.

Gooner: You should be betting on something you follow already so that you have a basic grounding of knowledge in the sport.

I'd also suggest "paper trading" for the first season; simply writing down your bets in a notebook or spreadsheet, as I'm sure your first season will be a losing one.

But by noting what bets were winning, what bets were losing and researching why, you will become a better reader of lines.

Fasteady: Enrol in a basic stats course or basic excel type course and crunch numbers, simulate your results and refine from there. Thats without placing a bet. There are some good books on the maths of betting. Stuff like King Yao's book for instance. My favorite book is an old 80's book on handicapping horses.

5. If I were brand new to sports betting online, what are 3 things I can do today to ensure I have a safe and enjoyable experience?

Gooner: Only bet at bookmakers and sportsbooks.

Fasteady: Only bet at a solid book or know the risk if you don’t. Start with a fixed bankroll and bet in units of that bankroll.

6. What is 1 thing I should avoid at all costs?

Prop: In the beginning avoid large bonus books. Most are scams. The only exceptions I'd say are ones that are rated highly by BOTH and

Gooner: Depositing at a website as the result of a "cold call" or unsolicited email.

  • Do not fall for special offers or "last chance" deals.
  • Make your own choice of where to deposit - in your own timeframe.

Fasteady: Chasing your losses.

7. What do you think is the biggest misconception or myth surrounding (online) sports betting?

Prop: That recreational players do much at all to influence betting lines. People mentioning "the public" are almost always losing sports bettors. I wrote about this 3 years ago and is even more true today (read here [5]).

Gooner: That there is any value in paying for tips, picks or advice. Most services do not break even overall and simply cherry pick statistics to make their service sound good. 

If you can find a tipping site that EXPLAINS WHY they make a tip, and gives working examples of how to calculate potential +/-EV then that would be worth paying for.

(A good example is some of Prop's posts in this forum - very valuable posts !)

8. What would it take to become a sports betting pro? Could I do it less than 1 year? 3 years? Who wouldn’t make a good professional bettor?

Prop: This depends on bankroll and how much money defines being pro.

Gooner: It takes knowledge, which is acquired through experience, reading, and a good working knowledge of the events that you are betting on. I doubt anyone makes money in their initial year of sports betting - and it probably takes 3-5 years to get to break even stage.

Whether you could be professional depends on having enough cash for a good starting bank, and the mental toughness to bet without emotion to take a +EV bet when you see it ... even when you have lost your last five in a row.

Fasteady: Like everything whether its poker or bricklaying, to be better than the rest, in this case the books/linesmakers. Less than a year from scratch definitely not. 3 years if you haven’t gone broke maybe. Stats people, stock broker/trader types, you obviously need to be intelligent to start with, but having a solid mathematical background would expedite the journey.

Editor’s Note – Answers were edited for grammar and clarification.


[1] - This is Prop’s website. On this page he explains sportsbetting bonuses.

[2] - This is Gooner’s sportsbetting website.

[3] - An explanation of bitcoins.