Linux Poker Sites for US Players

If you’re playing poker on a Linux from the United States you’ve probably run across a few problems. First, not all poker sites are compatible for Linux players. In fact very few sites are. Add to that, that not all poker sites accept US players and it’s like getting hit with a double whammy.

Fortunately there are viable solutions for you. You will have to use a different method to play poker on a Linux, such as installing WINE as explained below or using the no download poker room software. Both of these options are perfect solution for the Linux player and provide you with the same functionality you’d receive if you were using a Windows PC. Alternatively, you can also use a dual boot if either of the methods listed below don’t suit your needs.

Playing Online Poker with a Linux

Your first problem is finding a poker room that will allow US players and provide software compatible for a Linux. To ease in the frustrations we’ve done this for you. Below you’ll find three poker sites compatible with Linux players and accept US players. Each of the poker sites listed on this page have been around long enough to develop a solid reputation and support all the features and options players could ask for. Additionally, when you join any of the poker sites on this page you’ll also qualify for the leading poker bonus offered at these rooms by using our poker bonus codes and / or links.

Once you’ve found the site you want to play at, you simply have to decide how you want to play poker on your Linux. To start you can choose to play on the no download instant play version made available on the poker room website. To do this, simply look for the “Play Now” or “Instant Play Version” links on the poker room website. If you’d rather not play the instant play version you can choose the WINE option. WINE is a free program allowing Linux poker players to run Windows based programs, like poker rooms on their Linux.

This is an alternative solution for Linux players, but does come with its own share of problems. Not all of the newer poker sites function 100% when using WINE. There have been complaints where players notice a different level of quality in speed and graphics. If you’re not overly concerned over the aesthetics of a site, then this shouldn’t bother you any. Installing WINE is fairly simple and straightforward. You can use this link here and will need to follow the instructions listed on the page. When the WINE program is installed you can begin to download the full software package from one of the US approve poker sites below. A popup will always display with an .exe file. You need to save this file followed by running it using the command /tmp/nameoffiledownloaded.exe. Once complete you can register your new account and begin playing poker on your Linux.

A dual boot gives you the same options as WINE in that you’ll be able to operate both Windows and Linux programs. Dual booting is not for the inexperienced and if you’re unsure about the technical aspects of your computer or the process of performing a dual boot, we ask you stop here and use one of the methods above. Serious issues can arise from someone who tries to run a dual boot when they don’t have a clue what they’re doing. This includes losing some or all of the files on your computer. If you do plan on running a dual boot make sure you back up your files.