MoneyGram Poker Sites For US Players

Poker sites accepting MoneyGram make poker deposits for US players seamless. The MoneyGram option works in the same manner as Western Union poker deposits and is essentially the same thing, only a different company.

Depositing to a US poker site with MoneyGram is 100% safe and allows you to transfer funds to by visiting a MoneyGram location and paying for your transfer in cash. This is the biggest benefit to using MoneyGram to deposit to a poker room – you’re not required to use a credit card. This payment methods isn’t limited to American’s either. MoneyGram is a worldwide company, with locations across the globe, making it a convenient and safe method for players to use.

This article focuses on two things. The first is to provide you with information on which online poker sites accept Moneygram and US players. And secondly, we offer information on how to fund your poker account using MoneyGram.

As of today’s date, there are only two poker sites allowing players to transfer funds from MoneyGram to their poker room. This is BetOnline and Bovada. Both sites offer poker, casino and sports betting from one account and both will require a minimum deposit of at least $50.

Poker Sites Accepting Credit Card Deposits

  Poker Room Accepts USA Mac    Match Bonus Room Review
BetOnline Poker
Accepts US Players
Mac Poker
25% Cash Unlimited Bet Online Poker Review

Poker Room Deposits Using MoneyGram / Rapid Transfer

To deposit to a poker room or casino using MoneyGram you’ll need to visit a MoneyGram location or create an account on the company website. You’ll be required to fill out an “Senders” form which will ask you for the name of the company or person you are sending the funds to, a mailing address and phone number. Once this form is complete the clerk will complete the transfer for you. There are fees associated with sending funds through MoneyGram and the “Sender” will be required to pay for any fees. To help cut costs, poker rooms that accept MoneyGram will pay the fees on all withdrawals.

Almost all online poker sites accept MoneyGram transfers however you may notice that some go by the name Rapid Transfer. Rapid Transfer and MoneyGram is essentially the same thing, which means wherever you see a Rapid Transfer logo you can deposit using MoneyGram. Below we’ve listed some of our top poker sites that accept MoneyGram deposits. Included in our reviews is your new deposit bonus and information on what each site has to offer.

Bet Online Poker accepts Moneygram deposits in the poker room, sportsbook and casino. The poker room is one of the newest sites to hit the market and features a steady stream of players backed by fast performing software and an elite support team. Players will receive a 25% instant boost to their bankrolls with all Moneygram deposits.

How to Deposit Using MoneyGram?

Depositing through MoneyGram is easy. MoneyGram offers two different services. Players can opt to transfer funds directly online using the MoneyGram website, or visit a local retailer. The company offers more than 275,000 locations worldwide including 10,000+ in the United States. You can visit the MoneyGram website and use the search feature to find the location nearest you.

To transfer the funds at a physical MoneyGram location you will need to bring some form of government issued ID. You will need to complete a “send” form and give the store rep the amount of the deposit plus the transfer fee. There are a few different transfer services available, however the fastest method is the 10-minute collect.

When your transfer is complete, the rep will provide you with a reference number. This number can be used to trace your transfer and will allow you to check the status of your deposit.           

How to Cash Out From a Poker Site?

You will be provided with a reference number once your withdrawal has been approved. You can take the reference number to a MoneyGram agent, along with photo ID. The agent will ask you to complete the “receive” form, at which point you will receive your funds.

How Much Does it Cost to Send Funds?

The fees associated with MoneyGram deposits will vary based on the amount of the transfer and the location of the receiver. A typical transaction can cost as much as 2% of the deposit amount but can also reach as high as 5%. The MoneyGram website offers a transaction fee calculator which you can use to see how much the deposit will cost.